5 ideas to increase sales and double your profits 100%


How do I increase my sales? Increasing sales and getting new customers are the concerns of small business owners today and the biggest issues that concern them, they always need marketing ideas to increase sales to ensure that they continue in the market and outperform competitors and expand in the future.
Discount offers are the most popular way to increase sales that all stores, commercial activities and companies use to promote sales and increase their revenues. However, discount and discount offers may not be suitable for small traders and small projects because they reduce the profit margin and may cause losses if they are misused.
How do I increase my sales?
As a small business owner, you know that closing a sale is critical to your growth and success. In order to increase sales, you will need a solid sales strategy or plan, highlighting the tactics and goals you need to achieve to increase your sales. This strategy is the set of actions that you plan to implement to promote the sale of your product or service. Your plan should be based on the specific needs of your customers.
A plan to increase sales is the cornerstone of every successful business. After developing your strategy and putting it into practice, you can look at your sales numbers and adjust your approach if sales aren’t increasing.
Use the steps below to better gauge the needs of your customers, how you plan to sell them to them, and the ways the competition succeeds or fails to reach them as well.
Elements of Sales Strategy (4Ps)
There are four primary elements that contribute to your sales strategy and increase your sales:
Product – The product may be tangible, such as: a real, tangible good, or it may be intangible, such as: a service, advice, or suggestion. Of course, preparing the product to be a marketing tool in itself is not only limited to the efficiency and quality of the product, but there is a long list of product components that you must take good care of. The higher your product, the greater your chance of attracting customers and marketing your product.
Price – Rate your prices against your competitors and adjust your prices if necessary to stay competitive. Pricing is the most important factor in the promotional mix, as it is the only element that generates profits for your project, while the rest of the elements require costs and effort and do not generate direct profits. By pricing, we mean the value of the product or service that you are going to provide to your customers, which is the material amount that the customer is willing to pay in exchange for the desired benefit from the product.
Place – the place where the customer will go to order or buy your service or product, it may be real, such as: a specific chain of stores, or it may be digital, such as: electronic stores. Whatever type of product placement you choose, it must be appropriate and reflect a unique way of presenting products and drawing the attention of customers. Some designs that reflect your brand or distinguish your product will be very useful.
Promotion – While having a great product is important, how successful you are in attracting customers is just as important. We mean here by promoting the product by all available means, whether on the Internet or on the ground. The goal of the promotion process is to announce the existence of your product and demonstrate its quality in the relevant market. Promotion is an art in itself that requires effort, time and resources to get a satisfactory result.
We will not be able to detail the elements of the marketing mix, as it is a separate topic.
5 marketing ideas to increase sales 2021
Away from traditional methods, in this article, we will discuss five tips to increase sales and double profits:


1- Enhance your marketing plans

If marketing is the backbone of sales, the first thing you should do is boost your marketing and increase its effectiveness. Quantity does not always mean quality, so you must re-evaluate your marketing plan, introduce the necessary changes and improvements, and measure results every time.. This is the first key to increasing your sales.
Doing an extensive marketing study is essential, as it enables you to discover and analyze market trends. You can also take advantage of the advantages of e-marketing, which dominates the scene and outperforms traditional marketing in many aspects.

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